No smoke. No odors. No mixed flavors

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QUALITYFRY: Fast Chef Elite+ Carrousel

  • Innovative sealed system: No smoke. No odors. 

  • Designed for food handling areas

  • Reduces energy use by 24%

  • Reduces oil use by 37%

  • Reduces frying time by 27%

  • 8 Programmable frying times

  • Locked oil chamber: No risk for operator

  • Ventilation system with two extraction flows: stand-by and production

  • Electronic temperature safety system with two PT100 sensors

  • Easy to clean: Stainless steel chamber and components dishwasher safe

  • Oil capacity 5.5 Litres

  • Loading hoppers 300g to 500g

  • Produces single dose portions

  • Dimensions: 856x670x457-630mm (HxWxD)

  • Electric power 230/1/50

QualityFryu Carrousel.png